Welcome to Advisor Group

Welcome to AdvisorGroup.org.

We are the secure, online professional networking site for college and university Academic Advisors.

We are here for:
1. Exchanging information aimed at increasing student success.
2. To network professionally and create a smaller world where professionals can call upon each other when needed.
3. To develop personal relationships with fellow professionals and enhance our overall social circle.
4. To separate our professional networking world from our social networking, like it should be!

It's creator, Scott Larson, tried to develop this tool while he was serving as the Florida Liaison to the national academic advising organization. Scott decided that this project would be far more successful if it operated independently, and has been working toward this goal ever since.

Now with a professional team developed, and free from the red tape associated with formal institutions and organizations, we are here to say hello, Welcome Home!<

If you are an Academic Advisor, a Faculty Advisor, Advising Administrator, or even a Peer Advisor, the Advisor Group welcomes you.

When you first sign up, you will only be able to view items and profiles. Once a member of our staff verifies your status as a professional, we will open up the ability for you to post, comment, join the Advisor groups and discussions, and do member searches. If you have any questions, you can email: admin@advisorgroup.org

If you are a representative or in a leadership position in any professional organization involved with Academic Advising or Academic Advisors, please be sure to register under that account. You will be provided with space and the ability to communicate with the academic advisors in your area. This is a tool that can help you do your job better and easier, and we do this all for FREE! Welcome Home!!

We have found a glitch with some accounts that prevents a password reset. If you run into this problem, please email scott@advisorgroup.org and we will manually reset it for you. We are working to resolve this issue and will remove this message once it is fixed.

Our services are free for Advising Professionals. Welcome home Academic Advisors.

The Advisor Group Team